Prachtig boek (in het Engels), een must voor wie van Spaanse gitaren houdt. Onmisbaar voor klassieke gitaar liefhebbers, verzamelaars of luthiers. Schitterende uitgave met 3 cd's.


This book catalogs the 80-plus Classical and Flamenco guitars in, likely, the finest collection of Spanish guitars existent. A fine collection should include world-class examples and, fittingly, the Collection’s crown jewel, among others, is the 1888 Torres guitar once owned, composed on and played by Francisco Tárrega, probably the most collectible of all guitars.


The Collection spans from the mid-nineteenth century, when the seminal guitar maker Antonio de Torres began the modern era of Spanish guitar making, to the present. All of the great Old Masters through those decades are represented. Each guitar has a chapter containing a detailed physical description, comments, insights, anecdotes, notes on its maker and an array of photographs. For the first time readers will be able to enjoy, compare, and critically listen to the collection’s guitars, individually, on three accurately produced audio CDs recorded by virtuoso guitarists Kenton Youngstrom and Richard Bruné.


The Collection was assembled over 25-plus years as the author studied the classical guitar and grew ever more interested in the instruments themselves and their builders’ place in the evolution of guitar making. Together these splendid guitars magnify the importance of the work that created them, and reveal the differences in woods, shapes, sizes, embellishments, finishes, and construction methods that make each instrument distinctive. The collecting environment also contributes to the preservation of the instruments, many of which are rare and/or irreplaceable.


Few collectables provide such gratifying artistic experiences, as do these fine Spanish guitars. The author hopes that the overview and comparative study that this book and included audio CDs presents contribute to the reader’s knowledge, enjoyment and appreciation of fine Spanish Guitars.

A Collection of Fine Spanish Guitars

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A Collection of Fine Spanish guitars - From Torres to the present


Sheldon Urlik





Limited edition:

2nd edition


colour and B/W photos



Dimension book:

29 cm x 22,5 cm x 2,8 cm




3 cd's included


All of the great masters are represented including: Antonio de Torres • Soto y Solares • F. González dynasty • Arias • Ramírez dynasty • E. García • Esteso • S. Hernández • Borreguero • Sanfeliu • Viudes • Simplicio • Galán family • Carzoglio • Hauser dynasty • Barbero family • Mönch • Bouchet • Arcángel Fernández • Fleta • Miguel Rodríguez dynasty • Hernández y Aguado • Velázquez • Friederich • Rubio • Bernabé family • Belezar • Raponi • Ruck • GilbertBruné • Smallman • Reyes • Humphrey • Elliott • Field and many more.

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