An Atypical Guitar Shop in Downtown Ghent

Lutherie Decorte is an atypical guitar shop. No megastore, but a small serene shop that breathes, lives, and revolves around guitars. You first enter the workshop and then the store.


With over 20 years’ experience, Kurt Decorte can perfectly help you with the purchase, maintenance or repair of your acoustic guitar.

Lutherie Decorte does not aim at 'big, bigger or biggest'. We focus on passion, craftsmanship and the best instruments at the best price.


A straightforward maintenance or the replacement of strings can occur immediately while you wait next to our work station.




The studio specializes in the maintenance and repair of acoustic stringed instruments: classical guitars, flamenco guitars, folk guitars, jazz guitars, lutes, mandolins, banjos etc.


We are one of the most experienced restoration workshops in the country. With experience for more than twenty years, private and professional musicians from Belgium as well as countries abroad rely on us to cater them with the adequate services and needs.








The workshop has been specialized since 1998 in the restoration and conservation of 18-19th century guitars, classical guitars and Luigi Embergher mandolines.


Thanks to participation in festivals and fairs such as Musicora Paris, Festival Alte Musik Berlin, Forum Gitarre Wien (Vienna) and Utrecht Early Music Festival, our workshop is recognized internationally whilst being respected for its restoration work and expertise.


Restored work is in the Musée de la Lutherie et de l'Archeterie in Mirecourt (Fr.) and the Berlin Musical Instrument Museum.


In addition, numerous collectors and musicians at home and abroad have restored an instrument in the studio.

Last updates see ​Restorationwork Lutherie Decorte Belgium.




Do you have an instrument of which you do not know the origin? Want to know the value of an instrument? Have you inherited something and you do not know what it is exactly? Is there no label on the instrument and do you want to find out what its exact origins? ....


With us you can acquire an extensive discussion as well as an assessment of your instrument.


For many years we have cooperated with several insurance companies as experts of musical instruments. We assist anyone in a professional manner when preparing a damage report or expertise.